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HT Panels are used to operate electrical systems at voltages higher than 1000V. high tension switchgear is an important component of panels . It acts as the central hub to control and distribute electrical power and ensure efficient power management.

High tension panels consist of various components that work together to facilitate safe power transmission, distribution and management:

  • Circuit breakers interrupt the flow of power in the event of a fault or overload, protecting the system.
  • In an emergency or to perform maintenance, Isolators can be used to disconnect certain parts of the electrical system.
  • Current transformers provide accurate readings to monitor and control the system.
  • Voltage transformers are used to step down voltages to a manageable amount for accurate voltage measurement and to provide suitable voltage for instruments and control systems.

HT panels come in different configurations to suit specific voltage levels and application. Indoor high-tension panels can be used in indoor installations, control rooms and to protect against dust, humidity and other environmental factors.

Outdoor high-tension panels can be installed at outdoor substations or power distribution yards to ensure uninterrupted power supply during all weather conditions.

Ring Main Units is a HT Voltage cabinet that consists of input and output cables compartments. One breaker is required to isolate the compartments that are connected to cables. These compartments contain protective fuses and load breakers. The compartments for ring main units are available with two, four or six number setup.

The HT Panels operate on the principle of selective coordination. The circuit breakers trip HT Panels in the event of an overload or fault. This interrupts the current flow and isolates the fault from spreading to the electrical network.

High tension panels are used to manage high voltage electrical systems. They provide power distribution and load management, fault protection and ensure efficient power distribution.



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